Trust and Safety Update: New Way of Reporting and Team Updates

In this small post, the Trust and Safety team are looking forward to introducing a brand new workflow moving forward of how we will be handling reports of different natures for our work and also a new member joining the team.

Let's start with the team updates, we are pleased to announce @Agent_Isai will be joining us in the next few days to bring up our team capacity to 3 - we are hoping this added capability will allow us to respond more quickly to reports and begin working proactively to support the communities at large.


In order to build a more efficient reporting, tracking and investigation platform to keep everything together, I have spent the last few months working on TSPortal, our home grown solution for all Trust and Safety needs. This new platform can:

  • handle all incoming reports to Trust and Safety,
  • manage the progression of reports from initial review to investigation,
  • handle all investigations, whether generated through reports or manually by Trust and Safety,
  • report on all user activity in relation to reports, sanctions, investigations, data protection removal requests,
  • allows clear follow-up and referencing to each investigation which can be used in log references to allow everyone to quickly under the context in the team,
  • monitoring compliance with data protection laws in the UK and EU as well as self-verifying requests to allow faster uninterrupted processing,
  • allow the publishing of an automatically updating Transparency Report. [Coming Soon]

Moving forward from August 1st 2022, all Trust and Safety reports should now be directed to

Written by Owen on Aug 1 2022, 20:58.

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